Welcome to Beth Torah

torah_imageCongregation Beth Torah is a small yet vital part of the Morris/Essex County Jewish Community. For those who are looking for an intimate religious experience, we offer a place where congregants and our spiritual leader interact in an exceptionally comfortable and friendly way. We know there are a large number of Jewish people searching for a new type of Jewish connection, and we offer just that!

Despite our small size, we offer our members a wide range of programs and services. The High Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to connect with our members and our spiritual leader, Jonathan Comisar. We encourage participation from all members, infants to seniors, at our major holiday celebrations, Shabbat Across America, and our Sabbath services once a month.  Additionally, we have an active Sisterhood and Men’s Club. Our Adult Education focuses on various parts of our culture and our Jewish History. Also, our congregation holds various fund-raisers throughout the year as a way to raise money for the community as well as for the congregation while interacting with each other in an enjoyable social setting. Finally, we encourage communication and connection with our non-Jewish neighbors by participating in the Interfaith Council of Florham Park and Madison.

Please consider this opportunity to be a part of something special. Congregation Beth Torah offers an experience one cannot often find in other congregations. When we are all brought together, each becomes a part of the whole, a member of the family. There is a feeling of comfort, courage, and ease. This feeling is shared not just by adults, but by our children and the visitors who join us to pray. We welcome you to join us and help carry on this special tradition, as we believe it represents the future.

Congregation Beth Torah is currently accepting requests for High Holy Day tickets as well as applications for membership and Hebrew School registration,. Please contact us at membership@congregationbethtorahnj.org, or call the temple office at 973-377-6020 for more information.